About Us

Tetractys Publishing specialises in new music and arrangements for low flutes.
The company was officially launched by its Director, Carla Rees in August 2012, following several years of publishing the rarescale series on an ad hoc basis under the Tetractys name.

Tetractys aims to make available to the public some of the 650+ pieces that have been composed for Carla Rees and rarescale alongside music written for other specialist low flutes performers.

In August 2011, rarescale’s music library was destroyed in a fire in the London riots. After a year of relocating scores and rebuilding the library, the idea behind the company was to safeguard the repertoire and to help ensure that it didn't get lost again if disaster struck.

Director Carla Rees is working in close collaboration with a range of composers to make their music available through Tetractys. The catalogue includes new works as well as some arrangements for alto and bass flute which aim to continue the tradition started by Theobald Boehm of arranging popular works for low flutes. There are pieces for solo alto/bass, as well as in small chamber ensembles, with electronics and flute ensembles. The company launched on 8th August (the anniversary of the fire) with just over 20 works in the catalogue, with the intention of adding new pieces every month.

One of the main aims of the company is to extend rarescale’s work in promoting the composers who write for low flutes. The composers retain copyright of their works and get a bigger percentage of the sale price than with conventional publishers, because the works are printed to order and overheads are kept low. 10% of the sale price is also donated to rarescale (which is a registered charity) to help pay for more performances, recordings and commissions.

About the rarescale series
rarescale is a charity registered in the UK (no. 1112917) which works to promote the alto and bass flute and their repertoire, through public performance and the education of composers and flute players. rarescale operates an open call for scores, from which selected pieces are performed by the charity's flexible chamber ensemble. Tetractys Publishing is proud to be able to present some of these works in the rarescale series, alongside other pieces composed specifically for rarescale, and tailor-made alto and bass flute arrangements to enable the repertoire to become available to a wider range of performers. A proportion of the sale price of each score is donated to rarescale to further increase the development of new repertoire for these instruments.

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