Programme Notes

Robert Fokkens - Two Songs

Two Songs on texts by Ibn al-Arabi (2007) – Robert Fokkens

1. Rationality
The evidence of rationality led me to disavow certain things,
And you will see me, when the choice is given to me, detesting life.
Between rationality and fact I am an oppressor oppressed,
And when I am released from the prison of thought, I shall stand in the eternal.

2. Grief
I have no wine except griefs mixed in a glass with pouring tears.

These two short meditations on texts by Ibn al-Arabi – translated by Federico Corriente and Ed Emery - were written for Rosie Coad (soprano) and Carla Rees (bass flute) of rarescale, and premiered by them in June 2007.

Approximate Duration: 6'00

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