Programme Notes

Martha Stoddard - Music For Flutes: Reflections, Leaving & Dialogues

Music for Flutes (2000-2002) – Martha Stoddard (b. 1955)

Music for Flutes is a set of three works tied together melodically and in mood, but with unique unfolding of themes.

Reflections begins with a plaintive modal tune that exploits pitch bends and altered - fingering tremolos. Variations of this tune follow and an exuberant episode completes the movement. Major and minor seconds, augmented fourths and sequential patterns of these intervals prevail and the overall effect is improvisatory in quality.

Leaving is a eulogy for my mother. It has three sections which I think of as departure, resistance and acceptance. It resembles Reflections in its pitch patterns and modal themes.

Dialogues are just that. These duets explore possibilities for two flutes in conversation. The first movement is mock - serious, using a declamatory style with wide leaps and quasi - recitatives. The second begins is a playful odd - meter jaunt. It is followed by an eerie segment in common time. Like Reflections the third movement concludes with a robust, sonorous allegro.

The pieces that form Music for Flutes may be performed on any member of the flute family at the choice of the performer. Dialogues may be performed on either two C flutes or two alto flutes.

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