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Jonathan Cohen - Tango Molto Basso

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Jonathan Cohen - Tango Molto Basso

This tango was written for the opening concert of the first International Low Flute Festival, held in Reston, Virginia, April 2018, and commissioned by Debbie Gilbert.

The low flutes are well suited to the tango's balance of fire and passion on one side and restraint and subtlety on the other. All three octaves of the flutes’ range are used to advantage as they move between sharp staccato, fluttering, and sweeping legato triplets, building to a contra cadenza in the middle, then a quiet playful period, and then to an impassioned finish. Light a fire in your audience with Tango Molto Basso.

Scored for 3 altos, 2 basses, 1 contra. Performance time: 3:30

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