Programme Notes

Edmund Jolliffe - Pimento

The title probably came from a bit of word association. Once I had decided to write a piece that was fast it made me think of something small and fiery. Even though a pimento is milder than a chili pepper I liked the closeness of the words: Piccolo - Pimento. So it seemed like a good title for the piece once I was half way through it. The music feels like it never quite rests for very long, much like biting into something hot that makes you hop about and try and cool your mouth down (perhaps even moments like bar 40 literally representing that). The piccolo is not a shy retiring instrument (in my mind) and it seemed suited for this kind of mood.

Duration 1'30 approx.

Premiere: Sophie Hooper (piccolo), Boiler House Auditorium, Royal Holloway University of London, 22 March 2019

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