Programme Notes

Raminta Šerkšnyte - Glimpses for solo flute (2013)

This music was inspired by various "glimpses" of our life, such as a flare of sunset, occasional "déjà vu", and the all-pervading sensation of our temporality. The phrase "our life is just a short series of memorable moments" could be the motto of the work.

The work consists of growing emotional tension in three short movements. The first one is mysterious and intense, which is followed by turbulent, full of contrasts and idée fixe-type repetitive rhythmic motifs in the second part. Emotional tension explodes in a dramatic and painful way in the last section.

Raminta Šerkšnyte

The piece was commissioned by The National Flute Association, Inc. for the 2013 Young Artist Competition, to be premiered in New Orleans, LA

Special thanks are due to Mrs. Dianne Aitken for the offer to compose this piece and her help and support.

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