Devon Tipp

Fuelled by a voracious appetite for sounds, New York composer/bassoonist Devon Tipp (also known as Devon Yasamune Toyotomi) merges traditional harmony with microtonal expansion and embellishment. Tipp has performed extensively in the United States, Italy, and China, playing chamber and orchestral works alongside his own music, while constantly championing contemporary bassoon repertoire. Inspired by his Japanese and Eastern European roots, Tipp's compositions, including works for the original microtonal instruments of Harry Partch, quartertone accordion, quartertone flute, quartertone marimba/vibraphone, and hichiriki, have been performed in the US, continental Europe, and Asia.

He has received numerous awards including a Fulbright Grant, the 2015-16 Listhus Skammdegi Air Award (Iceland), the John J. Cali Young Artist's Award, the rarescale 10th Anniversary Composition Competition (student category, UK) and winner of the 2010 Jerome G. Sala Memorial Wind Competition. He has participated in the Sävellyspaja Summer Masterclass (Finland), soundSCAPE (Italy), Bowdoin International Music Festival, Atlantic Music Festival, and the Harry Partch Ensemble at Montclair State University.

Tipp has collaborated with microtonal specialists Kjell Tore Innverik, Daniel Paulsen (Norges musikkhøgskole – quarter tone percussion) Veli Kujala (Sibelius Akatemia – quarter tone accordion) and rarescale’s Carla Rees (Kingma System alto flute.) Other artists he has worked with include Hitomi Nakamura, pianist Kate Halsell, clarinetist/composer Gleb Kanasevich, oboist Sabine Kaselow, Thin Edge New Music Collective, the Sudbury Guitar Trio, and members of Avanti! Chamber Orchestra.

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