Peter Hankey

Peter's aptitude for music became apparent at an early age. He was only three when he was found picking out the tune and bass of the Polonaise from Bach's Suite in B Minor. He was only 10 when he passed his grade 8 exams on the flute and the piano and joined the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. The schools he attended generously encouraged his musical development. After studying Arabic at Oxford and unwilling to give up an instrument he decided against a career in music and, as a stop-gap, became a world-ranked professional freestyle skier. This led to some 15 years of event consultancy centred on the ski business, including three years working as a consultant to CBS TV as they prepare for their coverage of the 1992 Winter Olympics Games. Then in 1993 Peter returned to music as his principal activity, teaching the flute and performing near his home in France. He joined a local orchestra, Les Musiciens des Marais, in 1998 where he is still Principal Flute and a member of the Board. He also worked for several years with the London Symphony Orchestra, in conjunction first with their Discovery department and then with their management on the development of a partnership in Spain. Over the past 10 years Peter has devoted more time to composing. His 1st Symphony was performed in Aix-les-Bains in 2016, with other shorter works being played in France, Germany and Italy. Peter is married, with three children and lives with his wife Peggy close to the French Alps.

Music for Solo Flute