Programme Notes

Claes Biehl - sphères, déformées

sphères, déformées (2009) – Claes Biehl (b. 1978)
for amplified Kingma System alto flute, guitar and electronics

sphères, déformées marks the second of three pieces to be written for rarescale as part of the composer’s association with the ensemble. The title evokes the paradox between an ideal state and its (intrinsically impossible) deformation, and thereby refers to one of the central compositional aspects of the piece: the installation of a double-ground regarding the interrelated layers of “expression” and “construction”. As in many of my previous works, specifically developed microtonal pitch systems combined with the use of unusual sonorities play a decisive role in realizing this central idea. The piece consistently features elements of “instability”, “transformation” and “deconstruction” and thereby introduces a ubiquitous sense of fragility.

sphères, déformées was written for, and premiered by rarescale.

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