Programme Notes

Wissam Boustany - ...And the Wind Whispered...

…And the Wind Whispered… (2009) – Wissam Boustany (b. 1960)
for solo flute – dedicated to Shermine

As flute players, our creative life is forever bound in the air we breathe and blow – this wonderful invisible resource that is the foundation of our Art. I first performed ...And The Wind Whispered… in Botswana and Zimbabwe in February 2009, but it took until 2011 before it was written down. Taking its inspiration from the wind, ...And The Wind Whispered... seeks to make a statement about our fractured world... I have always been very weary of organized nationalism, religion and politics because they fragment and diminish our Humanity. At one point in my piece, the flute player says “and the wind never shows its passport, when it crosses the border.” Sit back and let the wind take you on a journey of its own choosing. This piece carries a wish with it - that humanity can one day rid itself from its self-imposed spiritual prisons.

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