Programme Notes

David Bennett Thomas - Elegy for Tu Fu

David Bennett Thomas (b.1969) Elegy for Tu Fu (2007)

Elegy for Tu Fu is an adagio movement for bass flute and piano that explores some of the many colours and moods that can be drawn from the two instruments. Throughout this piece the pianist plays inside the instrument, taking the notes of the bass flute melody and echoing them, plucking them, strumming them, and playing them on muted strings. In a sense, the piece is a monody for bass flute, because the pianist never plays any notes not stolen from the bass flute melody.

The piece is dedicated to the great Chinese poet Tu Fu from the 8th Century, whose poems still sound modern today. Tu Fu's poems often evoke night scenes as suggested in this music.


Premiere: May 16th 2012 by Carla Rees (bass flute) and Steven Kings (piano) at Colston Hall, Bristol
Duration: 4 mins
Recording available on Moment: rarescale plays David Bennett Thomas (rarescale records 004)

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