Programme Notes

David Bennett Thomas - Moment

David Bennett Thomas (b.1969) Moment (2007)

I am a huge fan of the sounds that come from the instruments of Carla Rees and Sarah Watts, of the rarescale ensemble. In writing "Moment" for bass flute and bass clarinet, I envisioned two big, slow moving, imaginary creatures dialoguing and playing, at times coaxing and prodding each other in mischievous ways. The piece is primarily concerned with the synergy of these two animals, and I imagine it as if we were looking in on nature from a hidden camera, seeing what happens in the relationship of these two somewhat lethargic beasts as they enjoy each other's company.


Premiered 13 November 2007 by rarescale (Carla Rees and Sarah Watts) at St Cyprian’s Church, London
Recording available on Moment, rarescale plays David Bennett Thomas (rarescale records 004), performed by Carla Rees and Sarah Watts.

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