Programme Notes

David Bennett Thomas -Staring at Stars

In this two-movement duet, I enjoyed pushing the sounds of these two lovely instruments around in space: echoing, reverberating, copying, chasing, dancing. Essentially I wanted their relationship to be on display as we follow their dialogue through interesting seasons, moods, and textures. I hope you enjoy their conversation!


Staring at Stars was composed in 2022, as a revision of an earlier work, I Need My Space, written for rarescale in 2014.

I Need my Space (Original Version):

Premiere: August 16 2014, Colourscape Festival, Holbourne Museum, Bath, performed by rarescale: Carla Rees (alto flute) and Ashley Myall (bassoon)
London Premiere: 10 February 2016, The Forge, Camden, London, performed by rarescale

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