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David Bennett Thomas - Steeples in My Soul

David Bennett Thomas (b.1969) Steeples in My Soul (2004)

Steeples In My Soul was composed for Carla Rees in 2004, and is the first of several pieces written for her and her ensemble, rarescale. The work takes its title from an Emily Dickinson line “...when morning comes, it is as if a hundred drums did round my pillow roll, and shouts fill all of my childish sky, and bells keep saying ‘victory’ from the steeples in my soul!” The piece is cast in three connected movements: Moderate-Fast-Slow, and maintains an expressive, lyrical quality throughout.


Premiered October 29, 2004 by Carla Rees at St. Cyprian's Church; London.

Recording available on Moment, rarescale plays David Bennett Thomas (rarescale records 004); and David Bennett Thomas Chamber Works (Capstone Records CPS 8754; reissue on Navona Records in Fall, 2012)

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