Programme Notes

Dan Di Maggio - Experiment 53

Dan Di Maggio (b.1969) Experiment 53 (2010)

Answering to a call for scores from Carla Rees and Matjaz Debeljak, I wrote this little piece for a Piccolo Festival in Jezersko, Slovenia. This is a derivative piece from a “mother composition” for unaccompanied piccolo, called Experiment 51, with which it shares the same material, reassembled with various combinatory techniques. I went to the première with my wife and my little child by car, crossing the Italian border from Trieste. The whole experience was beautiful, and the première was amazing.

Premiere: June 2010, Vox Laci Festival, Jezerkso, Slovenia. Matjaz Debeljak (piccolo) and Carla Rees (alto flute)

Duration: 3’00

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