Programme Notes

Daria Kwiatkowska - In the Dark Basket of My Belly

In the Dark Basket of My Belly (2009) - Daria Dobrochna Kwiatkowska (b. 1969)

This piece is about my daughter, before she was born – the rest I leave to the listener’s imagination. The title was inspired by the poems of Malgorzata Hillar, who wrote them while waiting for the arrival of her son. The piece was written for Carla Rees and rarescale, and was premiered on November 28, 2009 in London (Shoreditch Church). Carla’s enthusiasm for it and her support in promoting my music is a source of continuous inspiration. (DK)

In the Dark Basket of My Belly was premiered by rarescale (Carla Rees and Antoine Francoise) on 28 November 2009 at Shoreditch Church in London

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