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Michael Oliva - A Memory of Spring

Michael Oliva (b.1966) A Memory of Spring (2009)

A Memory of Spring was commissioned by rarescale in 2009 and was first performed by Carla Rees in New York in the summer of that year.

The piece takes consists of an alto flute part and an electronic accompaniment. This electronic part is supplied with this score as a download. This should be played through a high quality stereo PA, with speakers positioned behind the player on either side of the stage. Depending on the venue acoustics, subtle use of EQ may be necessary to ensure that the electronic part is reproduced clearly – it is particularly important that the trills come across well. Care should also be taken to ensure the PA has a good bass response, since the electronics contain some low frequency sounds, which should be reproduced at good volume without distortion.

It is important that the flautist can hear the electronic part clearly, especially for synchronisation (the downward pointing arrows in the score indicate cues which mark harmony changes), but use of extra monitor speakers should be avoided if possible as they can muddy the stereo image of the sound. It is also advisable to amplify the flute a little and, if possible, apply some reverb to assist with the blending of parts.

The blend between flautist and electronics should be pretty even, with the flute embedded in the electronic texture.

Michael Oliva

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