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Michael Oliva - Les Heures Bleues

Michael Oliva (b.1966) Les Heures Bleues (2013)

L'Heure Bleue is the French term for twilight - when the air itself seems to take on a blueness, a kind of magical solidity. As the light shifts so does the life in my local woodland, as all the creatures of the night appear from their hiding places...

Les Heures Bleues is ideally performed in a reverberant space – or with judicious use of an electronic reverb.

Michael Oliva

Les Heures Bleues was written for Carla Rees, who gave the first performance at Harlaxton Manor in Lincolnshire on 31st July 2013.

Duration 7’15

FINALIST in the National Flute Association of America’s Newly Published Music Competition 2015

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