Programme Notes

Devon Tipp (Toyotomi) - Twenty Thousand Folds

Devon Yasamune Toyotomi (Tipp) - Twenty Thousand Folds (2013)

In Japan, making one thousand cranes is a very important tradition. Legend says that if someone makes one thousand cranes over the course of a year, they are granted a single wish. Other legends say that are granted greater longevity, or will recover from an illness or injury. In order to make one thousand cranes, you must make at least twenty thousand folds. These miniatures attempt to portray the process of making all of these folds in the short span of a year.

Twenty Thousand Folds was the winner of the student category of the rarescale 10th Anniversary Competition, and was first performed by Carla Rees (alto flute) and David Black (guitar) at the Royal College of Music, London on 25 September 2013

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