Programme Notes

Steven Laurence Frew - Spazio di Luce

Spazio di Luce (meaning space of light) is a reaction to the sculpture by Guiseppe Penone. I have always admired the inseparable recognition of nature which lies at the heart Penone’s work. In Spazio di Luce Penone has drawn upon the ancient art of wax casting to create a twelve-metre bronze tree with a radiant gold-leafed interior. The sculpture could be easily misinterpreted as a life size cast, but where there was once a tree lies a void.

In my celebration of Penone’s sculpture the bass flute acts as an onlooker or protagonist; a character who explores the shapes, shadows and contours of where nature once stood and gazes into a void of golden light. Seemingly unstable melodies appear and dissipate in a blend of constantly shifting timbres.

Karura was written for Gavin Srewart who gave the first performance in the Windsor Auditorium at Royal Holloway, University of London on September 3 2018

Approximate Duration: 6'00

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