Programme Notes

Julian Marczak - A Mood of Change

This piece is inspired by the renowned flautist, William (“Wibb”) Bennett and is dedicated to his memory.

The lyrical main theme is introduced by the piano and is then taken up by the flute, the two instruments then largely performing in partnership and an on-going dialogue. The composer has commented that he can easily imagine Wibb teaching the piece to his students, inspiring them, as only he could, to ‘sing’ the phrases and give full rein to expression.

A contrasting jazzy theme introduced by the piano which springs the flute into action represents Wibb’s animated, exuberant style often evident in his playing and teaching. As this section calms, the original theme emerges again and the piece closes with a merging of the two themes of the work reaching a calm and gentle conclusion.

The work is designed to be within the scope of flautists of varying levels of ability and hence the Ossias that have been included for passages scored in the high register which are more technically demanding.

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