Programme Notes

Devon Tipp - Tokeru Reibo

Tokeru Reibo (trans. "yearning for the molten bell") is an homage to traditional Japanese music, specifically the solo literature of the shakuhachi (end blown bamboo flute) and gagaku (court music). "The word Reibo (Yearning for the Bell) may be found in more titles of pieces in the
shakuhachi repertoire than any other word…the legendary ‘father’ of the honkyoku tradition, Fuké (ca. 9th century China), did not play shakuhachi, but rang a [handbell] instead. To his disciples, Fuké’s bell has come to symbolize enlightenment. “Yearning for the Bell” can therefore be defined as ‘yearning for

The composition begins with the four flutists, playing piccolos, surrounding the audience, a physical manifestation of a ringing bell. As the piece progresses, the bell begins increase in temperature, and sections of the bell begin to fracture and melt. As the deformations become more and more severe, the temperature decreases drastically, and the cracking and melting metal settles, producing a foreign and uneven sound.
Tokeru Reibo is approximately 13 to 15 minutes in duration.

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