Programme Notes

Wissam Boustany - 1 drop FULL

1 drop FULL is my fourth notated work and represents a new departure for me.

Having previously limited myself to writing for solo flute or drone-based flute and piano, this piece presented fascinating challenges on several levels, the most fundamental of which was that I had to confront my harmonic illiteracy squarely in the face...out of the void, one elusive note at a time, began the process of creating a coherent statement. This was a fascinating journey for me!

How did I do it?

I activated my long-held principle of 'learning to love/value ONE DROP in the glass that I hold in my hand' as the foundational spark that ignites limitless possibilities - 'each drop' serving as a metaphor for 'each note' as well as 'each challenge in life'. This dissolves the fear of failure that is so crippling in our lives. From that point onwards, every smallest step forward paves the way towards the hidden treasures that we are not able to see that the beginning of our journey. This process is hard ot grasp, yet surprisingly simple...and is applicable to so many of the challenges we face in our lives.

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