Programme Notes

Talia Erdal - Eye of the Rose

I once was on a trip in a far away land (which is Scotland. It is very far away from Israel), and while I was walking in the fresh air I met a rose. It was a rose from the legends - big and red and beautiful, with drops of dew on its petals, and a deep crimson colour.

I came closer to smell it and looked at its shape, the shape of the petals, how they spiral from the big outer ones inwards, and I felt a huge urge to dive into it, into the rose spiral, and be inside its most inner middle.

And then I wondered - how would it be inside the eye of the rose? In fact, the middle consists of things which are completely different than the outside spiral - it has little thorns perhaps, it has pollen, its colour is completely different.

But on the other hand - maybe there lay its being?

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