Programme Notes

Talia Erdal - (I'm)Migration

(I'm)Migration was written as an attempt to unite many different identities into one. As a person who comes from many different places (Turkey, Poland, Austria, Germany, Israel), lives in many different places (Jerusalem, Amsterdam, Berlin, London) and holds a lot of different and often contradicting identities, I decided, instead of fighting the inner diversity, to imagine it as a flock of birds on a migration journey: the flock consists of many different birds with different characters, they fly above and into different landscapes and still, the flock is one and the journey is one.

Writing the piece was my small personal (maybe bound-to-fail) attempt at giving myself a poetic picture to relate to while I feel like I am always bound to miss another place.

The piece was written in 2020 for Lior Eitan, who gave the first performance.

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