Programme Notes

Michael Oliva - Apparition and Release

Michael Oliva (b.1966) Apparition and Release (2005)

There can be no transforming of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion.” (CG Jung)

Apparition and Release was premiered by rarescale at CAMI Hall in New York in January 2005, and has since received numerous performances in the UK and USA.

Alto Flute
This piece requires a full Kingma System quartertone alto flute to be realised effectively, although another quartertone key system instrument may be substituted. The piece cannot be performed on a standard alto flute, since it is essential that the quartertones are accurately pitched and identical in colour to the standard notes.

The electronic part takes the form of triggers (indicated in the score) for a Max/MSP patch which is operated by a separate performer seated at a mixing desk in a suitable position in the auditorium. As well as triggering the patch this performer should ensure an even balance between the flute and electronics.

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