Programme Notes

Coreen Morsink - Timbral Winds

Coreen Morsink (b. 1971) - Timbral Winds (2019)

Timbral Winds refers to the unique and varied sounds that can be made on the alto flute as well as the Japanese Shakuhachi flute. This piece uses a combination of techniques from traditional Japanese folk music as well as ancient Greek music as they share a common root in the tetrachordal arrangements of their 'scale' patterns.

Timbral Winds also refers to the beautiful breeze that flows through my flat in the summer as I write music. In Greece the north wind in the summer is called µe?t?µ? (meltemi) which helps the summer feel lovely despite the heat. These winds, however, can also bring destruction.

Premiere: Carla Rees & Karin de Fleyt - alto flutes - at Cafe Oto, London, 14 December 2019

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