Programme Notes

Coreen Morsink - Under the Pomegranate Tree

A musical interpretation of the story of Demeter and her daughter Persephone which reflects on the importance of the roots of the tree and the time underground which prepares us for spring. Without the time of stillness and cold we cannot appreciate the blossoms of regrowth. In every beginning there is an end and in every end, there is a beginning.

I) May-June-July: time outdoors, flower picking, poppies, gentle winds Mother-Daughter time in the olive grove near the lone pomegranate tree
II) August-September-October Where has Persephone disappeared to?
III) November-December-January: Argument with Hades, Trickery and eating pomegranate seeds
IV) February-March-April: Bitter cold of winter and an agreement for Persephone to go above the earth so that spring can come again.

With thanks to Chenoa Anderson and Allison Balcetis for their collaboration in the creating of this composition.

Premiere: Chenoa Anderson, alto flute and Allison Balcetis, baritone saxophone
October 1st, 2023, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Duration: 4.30 minutes

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